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BBC Pidgin of Tuesday, 16 March 2021

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Pete Edochie advice to women to 'put condom for husband bag' cause reactions

Nigerians don begin react for social media afta veteran Nollywood actor, Pete Edochie give married women advice on how to handle cheating husbands.

According to Pete, women wey suspect say dia husband dey cheat on dem need to always put packet of condom for dia husband suitcase. E say dis go make di husband know say im wife dey aware of dia cheating dis go come make di husband feel guilty.

“A lot of you right now no dey for your husband house. You say ‘e dey cheat on me’. Solomon, I think, get about 1000 wives and 700 concubines. If your husband dey cheat on you and now decide to take many more wives, wetin you go do? Nothing. Absolutely nothing." Pete Edochie tok.

"If you tink say your husband leave di house and say e dey go out for visit and e dey go get affair outside, put one packet of condom inside e bag; tell am say you don pack e bag for am. Wen e see am, psychologically, e go tink say dis 'woman get my interest for heart.’ If na im intention to play away, e go put imsef togeda.

For di video wey Pete Edochie share for im Instagram handle, e say di tin be say women nowadays no dey creative;

"You wan be like white women wey go marry and divorce and marry again upandan. Dis character no suit us; e no go down well with us. No.”

How Nigerians react?

While some pipo for social media dey praise Pete Edochie, some odas dey para on top dis kain advice and hala say women na still human being with feelings.
See some of dia reactions here:

Oda tins wey Pete Edochie tok for im recent video

For di video, Pete Edochie tok say Nigerian men of today dey weak and day na why women fit dey tok to dem anyhow dem like.

“I no be chauvinist, I no be misogynist, and I no be sexist. If you drop your papa name to answer di name of your husband, you dey bound to dey submissive to am. How can a woman go out of di house in di morning, come back for night, smelling of alcohol and di husband want to know why she come back late to di house. And wetin she reply be say, ‘if you know wetin dey good for you, just get out from my way make I go sleep.

"Well, women fit tok like dis today because di men of today dey very weak. If you tok like dis for our own time, you no go ever be in one piece again. I mean every word of wetin I dey tok. We marry wen men na men and women no dey insult us dat way.

“Di way women insult men nowadays, I come begin to imagine; dis no be our character, wetin dey go on. Our women use to be beautiful tins we love. We love to hold and cuddle. Wetin dey really go on?” e tok.

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