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Kirk Franklin apologise afta im son expose audio recording wia e 'threaten' am

Gospel musician, Kirk Franklin don tok sorry afta im eldest son release one audio recording of 'physically threatening' argument im claim to get wit Franklin.

Di 51 year old post di apology video on im Instagram page say many pipo know say for many years dem bin try to work to do therapy to rectify dia family quarrel.

"Many of una sabi my son Kerrion Franklin, im go be 33 years, for many years we bin get toxic relationship as a family.

We bin try for many years to do counselling, to do therapy to try to rectify dis private family matter.

But recently, my son and I bin get argument wey im choose to record, I feel extremely disrespected during di conversation and I bin loose my temper .

I say words wey no dey appropriate and I dey sincerely sorry to all of una.", Kirk Franklin tok for di video.

Kirk Franklin audio recording - Wetin dey di video Kerrion Franklin post?

For di 45-second audio recording on di Instagram account of @kerrionrashad, we hear two voices dey get argument and dem dey shout at each oda.

Although for inside di audio, e no dey clear who dey tok, but di caption for di post say audio na wit "my dad".

For inside di audio, we hear one voice dey say im no wan "disrespect" and e say im go "break your neck" or "put my foot for your a**—"

At di end of di recording, di younger voice say, "He just hang up di phone. I go break your neck. dat na threat?"

To follow di recording, di @kerrionrashad post bin read in part: "Dis na why I'm done. No father suppose speak to dia children like dis. If I have any issues na because of dis type of treatment that I dey deal wit behind closed doors."

Di @kerrionrashad post add, "I no think I go ever trust my father to be alone around am ever again. I bin no wan do dis . I probably no go release di whole recording because e dey too embarrassing dat I dey even deal wit dis. No matter wetin pipo tink I pray my dad deal wit im deep hatred toward me. I no feel safe around am at all."

Kerri Franklin bin earlier share one post say "2006 na di last time im dey allowed to take picture wit im family."

Kerrion Franklin, 33, na di eldest son of Gospel artist Kirk Franklin.

Kerrion describe himself as an "author, producer, and cinematographer" on im Instagram profile.

He also dey into music and dey always share pictures in a studio.

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