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Equatorial Guinea: How bomb blast scata tins, who die, and wetin cause am?

New pictures from satellite don show how explosion happun for di main city of Bata, for Equatorial Guinea on Sunday.

As at now, di official death toll don reach 105 with 600 pipo wey wunjure.

Rights groups dey call for independent investigation as dem feel say di number of dead bodi fit dey more. Dem also dey ask why dem keep explosives wia plenti pipo dey leave.

How di damage bad reach

Pictures wey dem take before and afta di blast show how much di explosions affect tins.

Buildings wey dey for inside di barracks scata finish and di blast also affect pipo houses wey dey around di area. Green spaces wey dey around around di army complex bin burn down.

Wen dem bin build di complex for 2004, Reality Check analyse di satellite pictures and e bin show say di surrounding places around di complex na forest full everywia.

But in less than 20 years, di city bin grow enta di complex side.

Dis na as one human rights lawyer, Tutu Alicante tell BBC say, "if you be responsible goment, you no go get military barracks wia bombs dey for di middle of city. Families no suppose dey dat kain place."

Wetin cause di explosion?

President Obiang Nguema tok dat di base bin "catch fire because farmers wey dey close to di complex dey use fire to clear land."

Di president also blame di "carelessness" of di team wey bin dey responsible for guarding di explosives.

Nasa satellites bin show some fire around di barracks at 13:00 GMT on 7 March but e no clear weda na di fires cause di explosion or di fires na because of di explosions.

Wia di blast happun?

Di explosion bin happun for di south-east of di city. Videos wey comot for social media show smoke dey comot from di city centre.

One video wey dem shoot from hotel near coastline, show wetin happun afta di explosion from 7km away.

Videos from di ground for roads around di complex show destructions of buildings for di military complex and pipo as den dey run, both men, women and pikin.

As oga Alicante put am: "most military barracks for Equatorial Guinea no dey get only di soldiers but dia families."

Explosions don dey more common?

Afta di explosions, questions dey for goment to ansa like how dem dey manage explosives and wetin dem dey do di waste afta.

Dis na as pipo dey use di remaining of di projectile to snap picture put for social media.

Di Small Arms Survey for Switzerland na dem dey calculate how many unplanned explosions dey happun for world. Dem say na 242 cases globally from 2010 to 2019.

Africa - 39
Americas - 16
Asia - 116
Europe - 70
Oceania - 1

Di most common cause of unplanned explosions na "wen dem no tink about di external and environment and how e fit affect di explosives" and "wrong handling and working practices dem with di explosives".

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