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Denmark, Norway, Bulgaria and oda Kontris wey press pause on di AstraZeneca vaccines and why dem do am

Bulgaria and Thailand don become di latest in di list of kontries wey don press pause with di vaccine.

Tori be say cases don comot wia pipo dey get blood clot afta dem collect di vaccine.

Meanwhile, di World Health Organisation WHO don tok say make kontris no stop to dey use di vaccine on top blood clot claims as proof no dey say na vaccines dey cause dem.

But so far, five kontris don pause ontop dia intention to use di vaccine on dia citizens until dem fit see weda dis wahala dey come from di vaccine.


Bulgaria Prime Minister Boyko Borissov tok for statement on Friday say dem go pause di vaccine use until sabi pipo tok say e no get any side effects on anybodi.


Thailand bin suppose collect di AstraZeneca vaccine on Friday to start dia campaign but cancel am.

Thailand public health ministry tok say na because di virus no really hit di kontri like dat and dem get oda vaccines dem fit use.


For Denmark, one pesin bin die on top di blood clot mata, so dem don stop to dey use di vaccine as precaution.

Iceland & Norway follow join for di kontries wey take precaution to pause di use of di vaccine, tori dey comot say South Africa wey suppose collect di vaccines on Friday also cancel plans.

Apart from dat, two oda kontris Italy and Austria don stop to use some specific batches of di vaccine.

Wetin experts don tok on top di vaccine?

Di World Health Organisation tok-tok pesin, Magret Harris tok say dem go continue to dey use di vaccine on top say no clear relationship dey between di AstrZeneca vaccine and di blood clotting but dem still dey take eye look am.

Di European Medicines Agency wey dey regulate medicine for di European Union also second wetin WHO tok.

AstraZeneca tok say, "di analysis of our safety data wey we get from more dan 10 million records no show any evidence of increased risk of pulmonary embolism or deep vein thrombosis".

Wetin we sabi about di different coronavirus vaccines?


Di Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine na new type of vaccine wey dem dey call mRNA vaccine wey dey use tiny from di fi genetic code of di virus to take teach di bodi how to fight Covid-19 and build immunity.

Di vaccine dey come in two doses wey dem dey give 21 days apart, as immunity go start to dey build for bodi from di first dose, but go reach full power seven days afta di second dose.


Di US company Moderna na di first and e vaccine fit produce neutralising antibodies. Dem dey inject coronavirus RNA (di genetic code), wey go den start to dey make viral proteins in order to trigger immune response.


Dem dey develop di vaccine - wey dem call ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 - fast-fast.

Dem dey make am from one genetically engineered virus wey dey cause di common cold wey chimpanzees dey get.

Dem don change am well-well, first so e no fit cause infections inside pipo and also to make am "look" more like coronavirus.

No dangerous side-effects dey from taking di vaccine, however, 70% of pipo on the trial develop either fever or headache.

Johnson & Johnson

Di J&J vaccine dey 85% effective against serious sickness for Covid-19 according to di trials wey dem do on am. But overall e get 66% effectiveness rating.

Sputnik V

Sabi pipo say di Russia vaccine bin dey 91.6% effective against Covid 19, however, dem warn pipo wey take am say make dem no drink alcohol for a while.


CoronaVac, or Sinovac as pipo dey call am, na inactivated vaccine, and e dey work wen dem expose di body immune system to viral particles wey don die to di virus and e no go get serious side effect.

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